Pioneering Legal Architect in India’s Media & Entertainment Landscape

At the forefront of launching and shaping the legal framework along with her mentors and team members for renowned platforms and businesses such as &TV, ALT Balaji, Balaji Studios, Zee Music, Zee Theatre, and Zee Events, she exemplifies deep and unmatched expertise in navigating complex negotiations and crafting intricate deal structures, transactions and agreements.

Priyanka’s leadership transcends conventional boundaries, orchestrating multifaceted contracts spanning content production, talent management, and licensing intricacies with finesse. Her strategic foresight and meticulous approach have been pivotal in propelling these ventures to unprecedented success, driving forward India’s entertainment domain with innovation and precision.

Furthermore, Priyanka serves as a linchpin for collaboration, forging synergies among internal teams, external counsel, and regulatory bodies. Her adept navigation of legal proceedings in diverse arenas underscores her role as a trusted advocate and representative for the organisations she serves.

Grounded in integrity, accountability, and a collaborative ethos, Priyanka embodies legal excellence and adaptability. As she continues to leverage her expansive expertise and profound understanding of the entertainment realm, she remains at the forefront of championing and safeguarding the interests of her clients with passion and dedication.

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